Satisfaction Guaranteed

When customers choose to cooperate with us, they know that all electrical services will be carried out professionally and promptly by giving a guarantee for the work done by us.


Customer satisfaction is the motivation of our team. Our main goal is to build a long partnership with our satisfied customers.

This is what we want!

We build, maintain and repair the strong and weak electrical current installations in commercial and industrial facilities, residential buildings and administrations. We provide cabling for new premises, building electrical panels and power lines, interior and exterior lighting, switches, sockets.

After receiving the necessary insight for our clients’ expectations, we are ready to meet them 100%. The services we offer meet the requirements of different customer categories and very good price – quality:

Assembly of all types of electrical installations industrial premises – residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices, houses and villas;

  • Repair or replacement of existing electrical wiring and electrical panels;
  • Construction of electrical installations in residential and administrative buildings;
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of new and old housing el. Installations,
  • changing development Apartment boards, installation of lighting fixtures, repair of boilers.
  • We act in your order and help you find qualified professional according to your requirements.

Our customers are the most important, their satisfaction is our top priority.